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18 February 2010 in Uncategorized

By time I got my heart in a lenten posture yesterday, it was clear that today was the first real and full day of Lent for me. It has been a great day. Each month I take a day away with God. I make it a part of my work, for my work must flow out of Christ in me, and if I do not take the time to refill, then my cup will not overflow and I will not be able to be the pastor I am called to be. So today, I spent the day mostly at my favorite coffee shop in Old Colorado City. It’s a sacred place. I did not do a lot special, my normal daily routine with God, with some lenten practices and some driving around to move my son from one place to another. It always takes me a bit to settle into the day as my mind races and I make notes about work, home, and God. Today was a good opportunity to simple be and to listen. A deep sense of peace in my soul as I sit here and continue what has been an uneventful day with God; nothing profound or life changing, but a time to simply be in The Presence.

18 February 2010 Uncategorized

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