Lenten Failure

2 March 2010 in Uncategorized

This was going to be the year that I mastered the lent resolutions that I made. I was off to my best start ever and very committed to what I had planned. Then life happened. Too much to do at work, too many hours, so much schoolwork. I did not make it. I am still going to seek these things out, and hopefully it was just a 5 day setback. I did realize something today however. Maybe lent is not just about the things we add or subtract to focus on God. Maybe its not just about a time to reflect and prepare for the resurrection.
Today, it struck me that maybe part of the purpose of lent, and our lenten story is that we need to embrace our failure. After all, who bats 100% for lent anyway. In the day to day living of life, we do not reflect on anything, including our failures and short comings. It is not a common posture or act in our culture to really reflect on our imperfection, and our need for God.
So I wonder if that is part of the lent story. For me, this year, it is. Lent is serving as a reminder that I cannot do it all, I cannot do it alone—I need God. I am not perfect and do not need to live in excuses, denial, or guilt over my imperfection. Maybe lent is to remind us that we can never do it all, and we need God.

2 March 2010 Uncategorized

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